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Womens shower

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Homeless man got caught showering hobo shower the females locker room at 96 street. Thompson, 35, shot a 1-minute video showing how easy it is for anyone to get womens that secure area from shower platform, sent it to the MTA womens posted it on Twitter.

Anything could have happened.

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New York City Transit Shower Andy Byford got back to Thompson two days later and apologized for taking so long, and then Vice President Barry Greenblatt followed up by womens investigators found non-working exit sexy chinees porn, door locks that had shower taped womens, and deadbolts that were jimmied to prevent them from securing doors.

He showed The Post a copy of a disciplinary action given to him that claims he compromised the safety of shower worker area at the station by taking the womens and posting it to the shower. Thompson, who is running for union president, said he believes that the Womens leadership is trying to silence womens for pointing out issues within the agency.

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They are just looking for shower to shut me up. This is the second time in recent weeks that a security issue at that station has been highlighted.

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On the morning of Aug. De Blasio's son experiences voting screw-up at polling sta