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Going into trance with Master Deeply Asleep gives me so much pleasure and always leaves me wanting more. Good boys obey Master.

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Serving Master makes me so happy, and I love being a mindless good boy for Him. I cannot wait to go under again! Thanks sleep irina slutskaja nude for sharing this amazing tumblr.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Seems like cute French boys really nude getting zonked out! Wondering why he is grabbing his crotch at the end?

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GIFs made from this video. Unfortunately it has Polish I believe dubbing over it - I have sleep other versions. Not tumblr original video, from a DVD produced by american hypnotist Sailesh some years ago nude a tour in Iceland. sleep


Eh, not my cup of tea, but fine, whatever. There are hypnotrap posts tumblr do seem to nude well crafted to induce at least a light trance. A few text posts purported to install a trigger word to reinduce trance, which is problematic for the same reason: