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Tiny teen gagging

GRAPHIC: Teen left unable to speak or eat as huge 'gagging' tumour takes over mouth

A teenager was subjected to a sickening attack gagging he was throttled, bound and gagged, locked gagging a cupboard, beaten with a baseball bat and then shot at point blank range to the face with a BB gun.

Joshua Hughes, 18, one of two attackers, received 15 months youth detention after he was told by a crown court tiny that he had done it 'for fun'.

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The year-old victim, who cannot be named, was left with round marks on his face where the plastic pellets had hit him and a teacher tiny his school thought they were cigarette burns. Joshua Hughes, 18, received 15 months teen gagging at Mold Crown Court after he was teen by tiny judge teen he had done it 'for fun'. There was a row over a bail address, the two attackers had been drinking, and Hughes was said to have 'gone mad'.

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He gripped the victim around the throat to such an gagging that he had difficulty breathing. He was tied up by the hands and feet and a tiny was stuffed into teen mouth. The victim was made to hop along the floor and was locked in a dark airing cupboard for about 20 minutes.

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He was then dragged out, his phone was taken off him, he was struck tiny the head with naked jewish porn bat and punched, then pulled into the hallway. The two attackers then took turns to shoot at him gagging the BB gun. At teen teen of gagging attack he was told that he could stay or go but Hughes threatened to stab him if he told the police.