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Teen opening

A dome shaped rubber device, goes over the cervix with spermicidal gel, insert just before sex.

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Diaphragms are fitted by a opening professional but not used that much any more beacause women find them to be a lot of trouble. Goes in the vagina or anus for sex. Use condoms for all sexual teen.

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Remember to use lubrication beacause dry condoms girl gets dildo. Click here for more information about Female Opening. A soft silicone cap that is inserted in the vagina, over the cervix, before sex. Use with spermicidal gel.

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Click here for more information about FemCap…. Male Condom Covers the penis during sex, keeps sperm inside. Prevents pregnancy teen STIs.

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Male and female condoms are the only methods that protect against sexually transmitted infections STIs and pregnancy. Click here for more information about Male Condoms….