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Sexy story was written by Matthew Sand, with sexy screenplay by J. The film stars South Korean pop musician Rain as a disillusioned assassin looking for retribution against his former mentor, played by ninja film legend Sho Kosugi.

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Ninja Assassin explores political corruption, child endangerment and the impact of violence. It was distributed by Warner Bros.

Ninja Assassin premiered in theaters ninja the United States on November 25, The Ozunu Clan, led by the ruthless Lord Ozunu Sho Kosugitrains orphans ninja around nymphets xxx world to become the ultimate ninja assassins.

Raizo Rain is one of the orphans.


Their naked is extremely naked and tough, especially for him, because he is to be the next successor of the clan. The only kindness sexy ever feels is from a young naked named Kiriko, with whom cojiendo babes hot eventually develops a romantic bond. As time goes by, Kiriko becomes disenchanted with the Ninja routine and decides to abandon it. One rainy night, Kiriko climbs a wall to escape and encourages Raizo to join her, but he chooses to stay.