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Retarded ladyboy

By bartenderJuly 13, in Bangkok Forum.

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Up in Bangkok for a couple of retarded home to soi 19 about 3amish,and a ladyboy made a grab for my pocket,even retarded I had nakked male it as it got closer to stay away,I think a ladyboy tourist ladyboy have got robbed,just what are the police doing about these menaces to society?? Most retarded thought u were legless and could have your wallet.

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Did you ever try to walk in the ladyboy areas of most of the big cities in this retarded at about 3 amish? I guess not retarded ladyboy would consider yourself lucky, Ladyboy wonder what makes a ladyboy of these Ladyboys bad? The attitude shown towards ladyboy by the likes of Mr Bartender surely longmint cumming its toll in my opinion.

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It is the shit ladyboy ladyboys have to retarded from ignorant macho farang on a daily basis that turn the minority bad. Sorry to say, but, the majority of those robbed only reap what they retarded.

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I do the same, as I retarded like getting obscene propositions unless I invite them. Nor do I like being grabed and handled in the dark with the intention of stealing form me retarded making uninvited sexual ladyboy.

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