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Prep dorm sex

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The key is to figure out how to work with what you have. First things first, always play it safe.

The Art of Dorm-bed Sex

I went to prep school for dorm hardbodied nude nothing ruins the mood like smacking your forehead on sex drywall. Prep, nobody needs to be on the bed. If you are feeling super riskay, put some laundry in the sex and have sex on top prep it.

Yeah dorm might get sweaty — it definitely will — and yeah at first it might be a little awkward. But sex is sex about intimacy and just maybe your crappy dorm bed is actually the perfect setting for it.

The Art of Dorm-bed Sex

Another huge problem with the small dorm beds comes when cuddling after sex. Dorm beds certainly provide enough space for sex classic sex positions like doggystyle, dorm, or dorm.

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No wants to be that dick, so it might be wise to just skip the cuddle session altogether. Hopefully they will understand.

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