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Jersey Shore Star Paulie D Appears Partly-Naked on Pretty Gay, NSFW Photosite

It was within just the first two episodes that one of Pauly D's biggest secrets was revealed paulydnudefake paulydnudefake teachers porn pictures fellow paulydnudefake Jenni "JWoww" Farley were caught on film getting very cozy after a night paulydnudefake paulydnudefake.

I mean, it's whatever. In fact, he wouldn't mind showing everyone what he's got by posing in Playgirl. But unlike Levi JohnstonPauly D says he'd go full paulydnudefake. Pauly D, along with housemate and new best friend Mike "The Situation" Sorrentinoare probably two of the cockiest guys we've ever seen on television. They love bragging about their very tan and muscled bods, their very paulydnudefake hairstyles and their success with the ladies.

For example, Pauly D buys his hair gel in bulk just in case it's discontinued, paulydnudefake has a tanning bed in his paulydnudefake, paulydnudefake "girls were screaming" when they spotted him during a recent trip to see naked girlfriend riding Christmas tree at Rockefeller Paulydnudefake.

But the show is not without its controversy. Several Italian-American paulydnudefake have reportedly blasted it for promoting stereotypes.

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I'm paulydnudefake to be Italian. Domino's Pizza and American Family Insurance have pulled their ads from the show. Paulydnudefake almost like advertising paulydnudefake the Super Bowl…I think they're stupid for pulling out.

So how far did things get with JWoww, who still has the paulydnudefake boyfriend she had when Jersey Shore was shot?