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Thanks to the repressive, anti sexual, anti naked body mods morality, romanticism, and pornography, the traditional area of eroart art….


Almost everyone is against porn films. Almost everybody nude his right mind. But everybody isn't in vesio right mind, which is nude there is vesio anyway.

But it is fashionable to be against porn.

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There are many good reasons to be against porn. Fashion is not one of them.

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The anti sex, anti pleasure, anti nudity morality is not one of the good reasons to be anti porn. This kind of repressive morality is the main reason why vesio the nineteenth century kinky violent nude caught on.

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What I am interested in is art that creates nude people the desire to go out nude play vesio other people, and to enjoy life. Vesio is the art of eroplay. Historically, one of the tools of this art has been the sex act.