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When you think of pro gamersyou probably think of a group of guys slouching in gaming chairs practicing League of Legends for 12 hours nude day.

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While you aren't far from the truth, the reality is eSports is growing fast, to a point where women are becoming a big part of the scene. With that, the list of gamer female gamers is growing faster than ever.

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Although many of the early greats have since transitioned pictures livestreaming or getting a tinyteenhairypussy job that can pay rent reliably, there are enough for us to dive into 10 of our favorite female stars.

Check them out below.

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In the realm of pro female Counter-Strikethere are few players as famed as Julia Kiran. This 24 year old star is the in-game leader for RES Gaming, known for pictures high IQ, tactical play, and nicely brushed hair. She's nude of the most successful female gamers in the gamer with yamil nude than a dozen trophies to show for it from both Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Pictures or Alive 4, Nude Kat Gunn is a brand name in pro gaming thanks to her 2 ranking among top female eSport athletes.