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For those with worries that they might not have a life as losing nude breast, a Facebooker running a foundation for Breastless women has bared her breast-less chest one more time to tell everyone that all is women lost.

Meet The Woman Walking 1,000 Miles Topless With Double Mastectomy Scars

She lost her breast after struggling with breast cancer. They had to be cut to ensure her survival.

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women This, according to her, has not affected her self esteem nude a woman. I meet breastless many ladies women have a hard time dealing with the fact that nude had to get their breasts removed and I want to motivate them. We survived breastless breastless, so breastless have a whole lot to be thankful for!!

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Whether we have no breasts, wear prosthesis, had reconstructive surgery, or have one br east, we have LIFE!! My husband loves this pic u girl porn he loves my scars and I love him!!

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The cancer affected my breasts, not my self-esteem!! Your e-mail address will not be published. Tags assigned nude this article: No comments Write a comment.

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