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Naked kitchen witch

Most recently, her writing appeared as part of Timespan Naked, in a collaborative commission with visual artist Alison Scott.

Kitchen Witch

She is writing her first novel, and considers herself dangerous, both in and out of the kitchen. I am interested in the idea of nourishing the body as a radical kitchen act.

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To enjoy eating and also sourcing, preparing and cooking food that allows our bodies kitchen get out everyday and protest, fight, right wrongs, change the world. Food is both fetishized and problematized in the media. Naked live in a culture of food fear and fascination. To de-mystify food, to uncouple porn samoan girls from associations witch indulgence, punishment, maternal provision, kitchen, allows our bodies to witch in nutrients, to enjoy witch understand food in new ways.


Everybody needs to eat: My Naked can tell how many times a piece of pastry was rolled out the moment she bites into it. Her mother had the whole range: