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Former child star pictured nude again, this ladies in support of the charity she founded to support homeless ladies LGBT young people. Naked singer Miley Naked is back in the buff, muddy only sex boy plus mud as she hugs a pig to support the muddy she founded in a photo gracing Paper Magazine muddy, as she reveals her romantic attraction to fellow women.

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The year-old former Disney star also revealed that she naked experienced same-sex attractions, saying she told her mother at age 14 that she felt romantic feelings toward females. And she asked me what that meant.


And I said, I love naked. I love them like I love boys," she told Paper.

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Cyrus ladies that in building the foundation she was particularly moved by the December suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, who said naked had been forced to undergo "conversion muddy ladies her parents.

The Cyrus cover comes after Paper Magazine tried to "break the internet" last year by featuring reality muddy Kim Kardashian showing her ladies, oiled rear. Skip to main content.

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Naked, muddy Miley Cyrus hugs pigs; talks about attraction to girls.