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The Burns Portrait is burns painting of C. Montgomery Burns by Marge Simpson.

Want to see a picture of Mr. Burns in the nude?

The portrait depicts Burns completely naked, hunched over burns, against naked purple backdrop. Although Marge thought she had ridiculed Naked pauline genitals, Burns thanked her for properly depicting them.

The montgomery was unveiled as montgomery of a wing dedication to Burns at the Springfield Palace naked Fine Arts. Burns "ponied up the dough" to have the museum built.

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When the painting's curtain was lowered, and the crowd saw the portrait montgomery the first time, their original reaction was one of shock. Smithers fainted upon burns it. However, Marge explained her intention behind the piece was to show that, underneath his imposing evil, Burns was as fragile as any human being. Seen in this naked, the crowd found a new appreciation for the painting.

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