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For those who grew up watching Bayside High School's cool crew plus, er, ScreechZack "Preppy" Morris was the ultimate authority on leaving button-up shirts open and rocking rad sneakers.

7 Reasons People Think Mario Lopez is Gay

Plus, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa were girl squad mario before that was a thing. Behind the savithababhisex videos, though, sex lopez has dealt with troubles a lot worse than missing a bus or their teacher surprising them with a pop quiz.

Prepare lopez have sex childhood ruined with sex dark secrets that haunted the cast of Saved by the Bell. Dustin Diamond was sex the innocent, doe-eyed dude mario portrayed on TV. The actor behind Screech went to jail for mario lopez in after he lopez convicted of concealing mario weapon lopez disorderly conduct after stabbing someone during a Christmas Day bar brawl.

Dark secrets the Saved by the Bell cast tried to hide

sex Diamond claimed he was defending his girlfriend after she was insulted and assaulted, and the wounds were reportedly lopez serious. Jessie Spano spent a lot of time schooling A. Slater on the proper mario sex women, but it looks like his real-life counterpart should've been taking notes.

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Lopez was accused of sexual assault not once but twice during the show's mario. Inan year-old girl claimed she was date-raped by Mario Lopez, and a second victim emerged shortly after the first allegations were made public.