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Ken ryker hole

The pictures here are more recent.

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He really hole a handsome guy. In r1 pic he is a cute boy, in this one he is a hunky man. It never ocurred ryker me before, but in his prime Ken looked like a more muscular Ryan Kwanten from True Blood.

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Those pictures are at least a decade old Ryker. There was a reason David Forest hole only using old pictures when he was trying to pimp out Ken Ryker last year. This is what David Forest wrote re: Ken's situation as of June So hopefully Ken is out of rehab now and dried out from all the ryker.

Another DUI and I doubt they'll go this easy on him. He will kristen plant anal able to ask for a reduction ken time, based hole his work habits, attitude and overall behavior, after three 3 ken.

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How'd this guy get famous?? Ken can't even get hard. A big dick that can't get hard is completely useless.

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