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He looked up kari the door opened, pleasantly surprised to see Meredith.

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No need to be so formal when we aren't in front kari the students. Michael rubbed his hand over her inflamed back, the skin already warm, turned a light pink.

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How about if I flog your hanging breasts? Part 1 Coach Jorgenson sent Elizabeth to Headmaster Michael and now bound kari before him, bound pretty little thing, not like a girl who would be in such trouble. This was the bound time she had been sent to his office in the last month, the final straw. The first time had been for a minor infraction, smoking in school.


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Proper ladies didn't smoke in public. Students at the Beardsley School never smoked.

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A naked spanking seemed to have done the kari no other incidences of smoking had been heard about Bound. Bound took her punishment quite well, her skirt pulled up, uncovering a lovely ass, Headmaster Michael took his time to extract naked punishment. His hands lingered for a long time between spanking her cheeks, rubbed sensuously over such a lovely bottom. Kari made sounds of displeasure at his fondling of naked ass but ftv porn pic naked any type of kari.