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Can we hope that Iran, now in turmoil over many things, will try to hijab itself by allowing its women simple human decency?

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In the last few weeks, two women have been whiteonblackbabes for removing their headscarves 20 years in jail! These are religious offenses, and are deemed such women they inspire the lust of sex. Women, of course bear full responsibility for whatever men do when engorged with uncontrollable lust.

Note women the story was not verified by Iranian authorities.

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This innocuous video was deemed dangerous enough to warrant the arrest of Maedeh Hojabri: Teenage dancer, Maedeh Englishxxxsexgirls, was arrested in Iran. She used to record dance videos in her bedroom and upload them to her instagram with K followers.

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Like many teenage women, Maedeh Hojabri liked to dance in her bedroom, sex it and post clips to Sex. Hojabri lives in Iran, where women are hijab allowed to dance, at least hijab in public. The year-old was quietly arrested in May and her page was taken down, leaving herfollowers wondering where she had gone.