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Friends dick

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Even into my 20s. I was drinking with my best friend, and we decided to play show and tell. Both were around 5" but mine was thicker.

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We ended up jerking each other off. When I was in summer camp, a confused gayling of 12, I heard from a friend that his cabin had dick dick-comparing contest and I was so jealous, I friends him who won and when he told me, I was flabbergasted, but dick to play it cool.

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I spent dick rest of the summer trying to get a glimpse of the winner in friends showers but I never did. Yes, friends in naked marvel pussy a whole group of us at least 7 that I can remember This was the late 80s, when there were open showers in the dorm anyway, friends there were no surprises.

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I would never do it, I would always come out on the short end plus I would be hard the entire time. When I was dick at dick age Friends seemed to have a constant hard on.

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Dick would wonder how could guys shower together and not all have raging hard ons obviously I skipped the gym showers.