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Drink own cum

You know, I've always wondered why guys think it's so hot for a girl to taste themselves, and for a girl to swallow their load, but every guy I've ever asked has claimed to never have the urge or curiosity cum taste drink own cum.

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If I were wanting someone to swallow it, I think I'd want own see what it tastes like. They think it's gross and refuse to do it. I mean, it does come from their cum ya know.

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I dunno, random thought. But, I don't really know what you mean.

Swallow own cum?

Lick it off drink hand or something. Otherwise get a rib removed. There's no doubt own swallowing a big load of thick sweet cum is very enjoyable. I'm a swallowing fan myself.

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I don't think guys should swallow their own cum, but that's carrie cash porn me. I think you should find yourself a girl and cum into her mouth for her to swallow.