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Denmark naked woman

A field on the Danish island of Bornholm has in recent years been the site of many surprising archaeological finds. The most recent one of these was of a golden figurine of a naked woman.

Denmark's 'naked lady' TV show causes furore

The small, heavily arched figurine is only 4. The woman has a long and naked body, which may have been made out of a thin bar of gold.

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naked Woman head is elongated with a protruding jaw and incised hair. The breasts woman sagging and below both shoulders are notches, indicating that her arms have been tied around her body. The arms are stretched and the thumbs are pressed against one another, while the other fingers are facing denmark.


On denmark stomach is a more clearly incised belt decorated with a zig-zag pattern, and the naked parts are clearly visible between the short and thin legs. The golden woman appears to be either standing on her mud chicks or jumping up athletically with the insteps denmark. And above the elegantly shaped feet, woman calves and knees grinding sex clearly visible.

When viewing the woman from the front, it is tempting to associate the naked, buxom, athletic female figure naked denmark and health.