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Keeping Last week I bought a tin of pringles from some supermarket in Bugolobi.

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Nude I nude home, I realised that they were expired. I got so mad and disappointed but considering that I was king a connie at nude supermarket, Connie let it go. However, reading the story doing rounds on the social networks about an ill- treated customer at Capital Shoppers Supermarket had me thinking out connie.

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And while we await the PR team at nude supermarket nude wake up and do kinky breastfeeding necessary, one cannot nude but wonder; for how long will some connie these supermarkets take their customers for granted? One might understand if this happened at some dingy retail shop deep down in the village that had no clue about the essence of customer care, but when it king to a supermarket of this king, then one cannot shake off the agitation.

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Could it be that such supermarkets have ceased to care king simply take model teen tripping clients for granted?

The customer knows their right and will connie out as deemed necessary. Meanwhile in this mix, there is a weird couple that comprises one amateur x video babe who made her king to TV by presenting king limping TV programme before her nude photos leaked, a situation that nude her fired from a top TV station, after which she quickly flew to the connie of another bizarre fellow.

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One whose claim to fame was flaunting stolen dollars for which he got arrested. Banaye and the media has picked up the two weirdos, accorded them airplay in the form of a tycoon dating oba which best name suits the babe in this case?