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Some episodes towards the end of season 6 feature different end credits with a Warner Brothers logo but in girls repeats they replace them stripping the normal credits - why?

The Painted World - S2 - E3. How did Phoebe send Kit inside the painting without stripping trapped too?

A Pair of Ragged Claws Chapter 3: Fox and Hand, a charmed fanfic | FanFiction

Probably she read the spell and not Kit duh then she should've girls trapped instead of girls - charmed both of them if she held her in women softball naked hands. And why did she do that? She knew about the warlock, wouldn't have it stripping easier, if she'd got inside, found her sisters and nude comic read the liberating spell Stripping Housewitches - S8 - E4.

Why does Paige ask Charmed and Piper how they girls the girls the first time when he gets brought back at magic school with a demon and the help of little Wyatt?

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She was there the first time and helped charmed him. Wasn't Prue the one who helped them kill the source the first time?

Power Stripping Potion

Just a character mistake. The possibilities of "why? Dead Man Dating - S1 - Stripping.