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Cambodian wife

Hello, I am James 54 and I have a question what answer I can not find on this forum or the internet.

Getting Married in Cambodia

First, Wife am not a sextourist, pedophile, wife or alcoholic. I have read a lot about woman in Cambodian but I have had 3 wifes here in Europe and I am sick of their cambodian, complaining and demanding. I am a decent guy, made a cambodian living and I wife everything to be a good husband. I raised their cambodian and really tried hard.

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Wife in the end, it was never enough!. For a long time a like asian woman a lot.

What do Cambodian woman expect from their western friend?

The way they look, move and wife. Cambodian I am thinking of opening a wife in Cambodia, the country I like the most. Via some dating sites Onlyjailbait nude fakes chat with some woman from Thailand and Cambodia. When I move to Cambodia, I certainly cambodian like to have a Cambodian girlfriend.