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Cambodian nude photo

CNN — nude going on with the tourists lately?

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That's likely the question going through the minds of officials at Cambodia 's Angkor Archeological Park, which has experienced a string of xxxwatersex incidents this year. The duo were charged with trafficking pornography and exposing sexual body parts. The sisters' criminal faux pas took place on the heels two other incidents involving tourists who couldn't keep their clothes on.

Tourists deported after taking nude pics at Angkor

Three French tourists porno licked out deported earlier this month for allegedly posing for nude pictures in another temple photo the World Heritage Site. Meanwhile, last month a group of photos featuring a topless dancer leaning against the ruins surfaced cambodian Facebook.

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The government body is now looking into ways to deter tourists nude taking off their clothes. Some proposals include adding more guards in distant sites and pressing photo against tourists who are caught engaging in behavior deemed inappropriate. Nudity in sacred spots isn't just a Cambodian problem.

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Early last year, Cambodian officials deployed similar measures after a chain of "naked tourism" incidents at Machu Picchualso a World Heritage Site. They detained four American tourists, two Canadians and two Australians for stripping down for pictures at the site.