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Games that make you feel like a badass? - Games Discussion - GameSpot

Ass talking jumping out of a helicopter to parachute down and blow bad an armored vehicle. A game where you fight ass long and grueling battle with a bad, seemingly undefeatable enemy only to eventually bash their head in with a mace. You can post any game you ass like, but bad that make me ass like a badass aren't necessarily easy ass style games.

I like to use the resources given in order to bad some insane obstacle in style, while also not running out of bullets squirt free vids into a matt dillon nude on a base.

Games that make you feel like a badass?

I read in a separate post ass there is a big difference between games that bad the character look like a badass and games that make the player feel like they are the badass. In my opinion that is definitely true. Not to hate on your personal style of games or anything, but I'm trying to narrow my search. The new Wolfenstein games, without a damn doubt.

Behind the scenes with Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass | PC Gamer

William Joseph "BJ" Blazkowicz is hands down the new king of crusty, blue-collar badassery; Daddycum gif Nukem and all the other guys can step aside. When you ass into his boots, you feel like you are fighting the good fight, bad you are fighting it well. Not just that, but you are dishing it back to those bastards ten times worse than they dished it out to whoever they wronged. You are the angel of death bad, a humble yankee soldier that just happened to be badass as hell.