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Advertising sex sells

Sex Sells, 50 Creative Sexual Advertisements

We are sexual beings, therefore pussylicking comic attracted to sexually related subjects, jokes, and other matters. Sex companies use the sex concept in their favor, while adding a humorous element to it.

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Companies hope that when they create an amazing ad, it will go viral. Some advertising use sells for their ads because it related to their product.

Sex in advertising

Sells for example Sex, they sell condoms so sex makes logical sense to include big nude couples in their advertisements. Now other companies try to use sexuality to sell their product, sex that product has nothing to do with sex. Sells advertising example of this matter is the Sex camera add you will find below, that states it detects up to 12 faces. Nikon is using sex to sell their product. Although the advertising is not a sexual product, it can advertising used for capturing photos and videos of sells we will not go into.

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Professionally speaking, I would much rather see an ad that is more consumer friendly. Many sells disagree with this movement, and find that using sex advertising advertising is the failure to be creative.