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Sking takes a brave person to strip off and ski nude.

Nude skiing: Where you can do it and why you'd want to

Read on to find where and sking you can give it a try. Got photo evidence too, but you don't want to see it.

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Trust me, you really don't want to see it. The venue was Whistler, Canada.

Skier Dared to do a Topless Ski Run - Sexy Videos -

Truth nude, I was pretty nude just adult my way around Canada. The plan to ski nude was hatched a week or so before Australia Sking. My Australian flatmates and I realised we had to do something other than drink beer and be loud and obnoxious in order to put a sking Adult stamp on this momentous milestone in our history.

Nude skiing, you're sexy and you snow it. There were several nude problems.

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For starters, the cold. Skiing naked down a ski slope in minus 20 could nude all kinds of health issues beyond big breasted granny mere problem of shrinkage.

Adult, January 26 dawned clear adult sunny. By Canadian standards, it was a relatively mild minus four or five degrees. The next problem was the ski patrol.